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Tracing The Development

Continuously, Ammar optician confirms the products’ quality and the services by a special team. Further to the future, we devote to modernize the technology and vision equipment. Also, train our staff to be professional and develop the management system. We succeeded in transferring the system to be complete electronic system. So, the best services become in the customers’ hands. That’s help the work environment to be modern and easier

Our social position

Paying attention to the charitable aspect is one of the foundations of the success of our company, as social solidarity agreements have been signed with more than 20 charitable societies in the region in order to provide support for the needy and provide special services to them. In order to provide good vision for everyone,

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Local agents

Ammar Optician are an exclusive agent for INVU Swiss glasses in Bahrain, which are specialized by their multi-layered polarized lenses that selectively filter reflected glare and provide clear, glare-free vision with high contrast and exceptional to color perception. They are characterized by quality in manufacturing and suit different tastes. We also have the distinction by

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specialized in hearing aids services

In 2018, the audiology department     was opened in our main branch – Budaiya – to   be   the   point   of transformation   from   an   optical company    to   Ammar   Optician Company – visual  &  hearing  Aids. This   department provides a lot of services, including:   Audiometry test

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